Skyportz releases vertistop design

Skyportz – alongside Contreras Earl Architecture and Arup – has released its design for privately owned vertiports for public usage on compact sites

Skyportz hires micro-mobility expert

Skyportz has welcomed micro-mobility leader Mitchell Price to their team as it pursues the concept of vertiports as multi modal transport hubs

Skyportz drives waterfront vertiport concept

Skyportz, Contreras Earl Architecture and Pascall+Watson Architects are to release a concept for an Australian waterfront e-mobility hub

Australia releases vertiport guidelines

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority has released guidelines for vertiport design, following extensive community and industry consultation

Skyportz releases vertiport-in-a-box design

Australian air taxi infrastructure pioneer Skyportz has released the design for a modular, turn-key vertiport that it describes as ‘revolutionary’