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One Too Many campaign launches

The UK government-endorsed 'One Too Many' campaign is being relaunched to remind passengers of the serious consequences of disruptive behaviour while flying

Eve and Siemens collaborate in AAM

Eve Air Mobility and Siemens Smart Infrastructure will evaluate eVTOL operations' electrical and energy management requirements

SSP strengthens Tenerife connections

SSP has secured a deal to renew the majority of its business across Tenerife North and South airports, and to continue to operate 15 locations

Embraer to upgrade Brazilian ATC System

Embraer firm Atech will implement Sagitario and modernise Sigma, critical solutions for air traffic management in Brazil

Wildanet Wi-Fi launches at Newquay

Cornish broadband provider Wildanet has rolled out its super-fast Wi-Fi at Cornwall Airport Newquay, in a bid to improve passenger connectivity 

PPG completes Chongqing project

Plaza Premium Group (PPG) has opened its third Plaza Premium Lounge at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

UAP reveals next-gen vertiport

Urban-Air Port has released details of its next-gen vertiport, which combines its robotic systems with LG Electronics’ AI-powered technologies

GACA and Lilium ink AAM deal

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of Saudi Arabia and eVTOL manufacturer Lilium have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU)

EMA donates old kit to zoo

Hosing that is no longer being used by East Midlands Airport's firefighters has been donated to Twycross Zoo

Growth drives Newquay improvements

Cornwall Airport Newquay has undertaken a number of passenger experience upgrades to reflect its enhanced summer schedule


CPK to redefine sustainable aviation

In the heart of Poland, a pioneering project is taking shape that could redefine airport sustainability - the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK)

Conference: Hub airports and their regions

Organised by CPK in cooperation with the Airport Regions Council, the conference will examine how we can plan regions around airports

CPK Airport's green energy revolution

Pressing concerns about the geopolitical implications of energy dependency are becoming increasingly evident. Here's how CPK will tackle them


LVNL accelerates and optimises tower digitalisation with automated testing

Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL) has ensured that air traffic flows safely through the region for more than 90 years and continues to lead the way.

Safe Air Travel in a Post-Vaccine Era

Considerations for Travel-Related COVID-19 Testing

Download Guidance for Air Travel

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the global leader in COVID-19 testing and is involved in more than 50% of global COVID-19 testing.  We help our customers navigate the testing options and the resources needed by airlines, labs, government agencies and digital health passport vendors.