Skyportz has welcomed micro-mobility leader Mitchell Price to their team as it pursues the concept of vertiports as multi modal transport hubs.

Clem Newton-BrownSkyportz CEO, said of the appointment: “Mitchell Price stands at the forefront of the micro-mobility revolution. As the former policy head for Lime in Asia Pacific, he pioneered the introduction and expansion of electric scooters and bikes across Australia and New Zealand in 2018

Price led Lime’s expansion into the dynamic markets of Korea and Japan in 2019. He has also provided executive consultancy for global companies across the transport space.

“I am so excited to be transferring my skills and experience into Advanced Air Mobility in partnership with Skyportz”, said Price. “There are many lessons we have learned in relation to community licence and retrofitting new transport options into cities with e-scooters and bikes. I am looking forward to the challenge of taking it to the third dimension, in the sky”, said Price.

Melbourne Vertiport

Melbourne Vertiport will include “last mile” transport connections

According to Skyportz’s Newton-Brown, it is not good enough to deliver vertiports in isolation. They must be connected to other forms of transport, or they will create more problems than they solve.

“Electric micro-mobility has already taken off globally with a rapid uptake in many cities around the world. We are on the cusp of a revolution in electric aviation, and it makes sense to marry all forms of micro mobility into a cohesive transport ecosystem”, said Newton-Brown.

Last month Skyportz released a concept for Melbourne in conjunction with Contreras Earl and Pascall + Watson for a vertiport that will include “last mile” transport connections such as electric scooters, bikes and ferries.

Image: Skyportz