Dr Abdulghani Mohamed, a specialist in turbulence modelling, has joined Skyportz to assist with vertiport site selection

Abdulghani Mohamed was the Australian Scientist of the Year (2021) and Engineering Professional of the Year (2022) and is recognised for his research in enhancing the resilience of aircraft in adverse weather conditions. He has developed new theoretical concepts and solutions around anti-turbulence technology, and heads up the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) research group at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.

Vertiport developer Skyportz is currently working with the property industry to establish new landing sites for electric air taxis.

“There is enormous interest from the property industry to help us break the nexus between aviation and airports,” said Skyportz CEO, Clem Newton-Brown. “We are working with governments, air regulators and communities to establish the parameters for the introduction of vertiport infrastructure and short take-off and landing runways.

“The primary concern is safe operations and the impacts of air turbulence within built form environments is a significant issue that needs to be addressed on a site-by-site basis. Having Dr Mohamed leading this aspect of vertiport site assessments will ensure that we can rule out inappropriate sites early and move confidently to progress sites where turbulence can be managed”.

Speaking of his involvement with Skyportz, Mohamed said: “Turbulence modelling, aerodynamics and aircraft control in adverse conditions is my area of expertise. Micro weather conditions can have catastrophic impacts on small aircraft, but we can ameliorate these risks when we have fixed vertiport sites to assess. Wind gust risks are often predictable, and our modelling expertise will help ensure that the advanced air mobility industry advances with the highest levels of safety possible.”

Mohamed is a specialist in anti-turbulence technology solutions
Mohamed is a specialist in anti-turbulence technology solutions Abdulghani Mohamed