Wilbur Air will operate electric and hybrid aircraft in Australia, where it will have priority access to Skyportz vertiports

Electric air taxi infrastructure start-up, Skyportz, has announced the establishment of Wilbur Air – a wholly owned subsidiary that will operate electric and hybrid aircraft from its future network of vertiports. A range of aircraft partners will facilitate everything from heavy lifting drone deliveries to short- and long-range passenger travel.

The new airline’s first aircraft partnership is with USA-based Electra.Aero. Under this partnership Wilbur Air will operate the first 100 Electra.Aero eSTOL aircraft in Australia.

“Wilbur Air will be establishing operational partnerships across Australia with existing small charter and helicopter companies interested in moving into Advanced Air Mobility and flying under the Wilbur Air brand with priority access to our Skyportz vertiports”, said Clem Newton-Brown, CEO and founder of Skyportz and Wilbur Air.

Skyportz has been working on advanced air mobility (AAM) in Australia for the last five years, the company said. Its focus is on breaking the nexus between aviation and airports and enabling property owners to activate their sites with vertiports.

“We are working with governments, air regulators and communities to establish the parameters for the introduction of vertiport infrastructure and short take-off and landing runways,” said Newton-Brown. “If all the aircraft do is fly from airports and helipads then there will be no revolution.”

Wilbur Air is a wholly-owned Skyportz subsidiary
Wilbur Air is a wholly-owned Skyportz subsidiary Skyportz