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Cork Airport begins runway reconstruction project

The Republic of Ireland government has granted the hub €10m to carry out the works, which are set to be completed by November

Xsight Systems launches AI runway condition monitor solution

The solution uses sensors to provide 24/7 monitoring of the runway surface and collects real time data

SITA and Safety Line to support sustainable aviation

The companies hope to deploy data analytics at airports to reduce CO2 emissions and cut fuel costs

Munich Airport hopeful for recovery amid 1m July passenger prediction

Passenger numbers at the German hub have been increasing since January, with hopes that this month’s figures will exceed one million

Manchester to open new terminal extension this week

The project is the centrepiece of the facilities’ £1bn transformation programme

EasyJet inaugurates Belfast-Gatwick route

The airline’s twice daily service took off today, giving passengers more opportunities to connect with the British capital

Russia scraps ban on tourist flights to Egypt

The ban was implemented after a Russian airliner crashed over the Sinai Peninsula in 2015

Training aircraft crashes in Lebanon

Initial reports suggest the pilot and two passengers were killed in the accident

SFO to launch free Covid testing programme

The pilot scheme will become the first in the US to offer free Covid tests

May travel figures showing signs of recovery, says IATA

Although still well below pre-pandemic figures, passenger traffic is improving for international and domestic travel