Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has completed phase one of its digitalisation collaboration with ground handler dnata Singapore.

The first stage of the partnership involved the implementation of the Hermes NG Ecosystem at Changi Airport, meaning that Hermes NG is now steering all cargo-related operations at the handler’s Singapore base. The second phase will follow soon, the partners said.

“Since implementation, the Hermes NG Ecosystem has processed more than fifty million kilogrammes of cargo, more than 3,000 flights, 20,000 unit load devices, and 50,000 air waybills at the airport,” said Yuval Baruch, chief executive officer of UK-based HLT.

Phase one of the project included implementation of the latest versions of the Hermes 5 Cargo Management System, the Hermes NG Business Intelligence & Datalakes solution, as well as NG Track&Trace, and seamless integration with technology partner SpeedCargo’s CargoEye solution.

These combined modules manage all processes related to physical cargo handling, documentation, special product governance, security, mail, messaging, revenue accounting, and business intelligence. This allows the handler to build up and break down cargo in real time, perform more efficient mail handling with less data input, and automate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

The rapid uptake of the Hermes NG Ecosystem at Singapore Airport has been the result of a strong partnership during challenging times. Travel to Singapore was not possible until October 2021, resulting in initial analysis and design sessions being carried out remotely.

Phase two of the programme will include the addition of other NG products, such as NG Landside Management powered by Nallian, integration with SpeedCargo’s CargoMind, and the implementation of modern best practices.

Hermes’ NG ecosystem is now streamlining all cargo handling-related processes for more than 80 handlers, airlines, and airport terminals worldwide.