Frequentis Comsoft is supplying Fintraffic Air Navigation Services (ANS), the Finish Air Navigation Service Provider, with an enhanced air traffic surveillance capability using a Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) system. The company has installed its Quadrant system to provide WAM and ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast) coverage for 80% of Finnish airspace.

The Frequentis Comsoft system provides a high-quality air situation picture with highly accurate aircraft position measurements and high update rate. The WAM system will extend the air traffic surveillance capability for Fintraffic ANS, as well as creating a Mode S airspace (S - selective communication with individual aircraft), improving aircraft identification, situation picture and tracking. The south-western WAM region, including Helsinki, was put into operation in the first quarter of 2022, with air traffic controllers the company said delighted about the surveillance performance and extended system coverage. Remaining WAM regions are planned to put in operation early 2023.

“Putting the Quadrant WAM system into operation marks a major milestone for Fintraffic ANS, contributing to transforming the Finnish airspace into full Mode S Enhanced Surveillance while extending coverage. Excellent quality, high update surveillance data integrates seamlessly with our trackers. The robust Frequentis Comsoft Quadrant ground stations, with their minimal maintenance needs, are the perfect fit for our environment with many remote locations inaccessible during winter months,” said Tero Alastalo, SUR System Manager, Fintraffic ANS.

The WAM deployment consists of more than 120 Quadrant ground stations, assigned to three regions ranging from the Baltic Sea to Northern Lapland – making it the world’s largest WAM system.

“We are proud to support Fintraffic ANS in modernising surveillance across Finnish air space with our Quadrant WAM system. With this WAM system from Frequentis Comsoft we have helped them prepare for new demands on their service, providing extended surveillance capabilities while improving safety and service quality,” added Constantin von Reden, Managing Director Frequentis Comsoft.

The system provides WAM service for the Finnish Flight Information Region (FIR), from 6,000ft above sea level, and additional lower airspace coverage for 19 airport areas. ADS-B service is provided for the FIR, and for airports to ground level. Frequentis Comsoft says the system design provides high resilience, assuring continuous WAM service. Helsinki FIR and airport are designed with N-2 ground station redundancy.


Photo: Frequentis