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Vinci unveils Dominican freight terminal

FedEx will occupy the new cargo terminal at Las Américas FedExFrance’s...

How technology is meeting the changing demands of airports

The evolution of the modern airport, and the way in which their operators conduct business, was well underway even before the global pandemic struck earlier in the year.

Norwegian CEO warns carrier is “facing a very uncertain future”

Jacob Schram made the stark warning as politicians in Oslo rejected calls for further funding.

From worst to first?

TERMINALS LA GUARDIAA New York redemption storyLikened to ‘third-world’...

Trial by NUMBERS

GROUND HANDLING TOW TRACTORSAmsterdam Schiphol is using computer...

New deflector for Cayman’s ‘groovy’ runway

Construction work on a blast deflector at Owen Roberts International...

DHL Express to build €70m Munich gateway

DHL Express Germany and Munich Airport have signed a deal to...

Concessionaire agreement signed for Sofia Airport

NEWS | HEADLINES The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport...

THE NEW NORMAL: how does it look?

OPERATIONS COVID-19The industry may be taking small steps forward...

Paving the way for growth

RUNWAYS BRISBANEMore than 50 years in concept and eight years...



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