Manchester Airport (MAN)

Manchester installs new BHS

The new baggage system includes more than two miles of conveyer belts and can process thousands of bags every hour  

MAN team wins PRM service award

The ABM team responsible for providing special assistance services for passengers travelling through Manchester has received a top award

MAN sweepers refurbished

Three Aebi Schmidt Compact Jet Sweepers (CJS) at Manchester Airport have been refurbished, extending their working life by up to a decade

Heathrow marks post-Covid traffic record

Heathrow Airport saw 7 million passengers travel through the hub in September, the first month since February 2020 to exceed 2019 traffic levels

Manchester lights up red, white and blue

Manchester Airport’s Terminal Two will be lit up in red, white and blue this weekend to mark Independence Day in the United States

Manchester ramps up transformation

Manchester Airport has begun the next major phase of its £1.3bn Transformation Programme, with work now underway on a new pier