The new baggage system includes more than two miles of conveyer belts and can process thousands of bags every hour  

From 2025 Terminal 2 will serve around 70% of Manchester Airport’s passengers. To make sure it can continue to offer a seamless service, a new, state of the art baggage system has been installed.  

The one-of-a-kind system was built by specialists Vanderlande specifically for the airport. The multi-million pound machine features more than two miles of conveyor belts and can process 3,000 bags per hour – it has already processed over 100,000 bags since going live at the end of March.

On average a bag will take around 10 minutes to get through the system before being picked up by ground handling agents and put onto an aircraft.  

“We are proud to serve the people of the North. On the surface that means offering an unrivalled range of destinations, great service so that passengers never wait more than a few minutes to get to security and world class facilities in our terminals.  

“But beneath the surface there is a huge amount of work that goes into making that happen. We’re in the middle of a £1.3bn programme that is completely transforming the airport. A key component of that is this new baggage system that will help make sure things continue to run smoothly behind the scenes. 

“So while passengers will see the difference as they pass through Terminal 2, equally important changes have been made in the parts of the airport that most people will never see, meaning that as demand for travel continues to increase, the service we offer our passengers continues to improve,” said Manchester Airport managing director Chris Woodroofe.

From 2025 Terminal 2 will serve around 70% of the airport’s passengers
From 2025 Terminal 2 will serve around 70% of the airport’s passengers Manchester Airport/ Hufton + Crow