The British Columbia Government and Vancouver International Airport (YVR) will work together to fight pollution and support sustainable jobs

Through a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU), YVR and the Province will collaborate with indigenous partners, communities and aviation and aerospace stakeholders over three years to deliver new products, projects and activities that reflect their shared priorities. These include accelerating sustainable aviation to fight pollution and reduce emissions, supporting  community resilience, and increasing clean-tech investment. The partners also aim to expand trade diversification, promote workforce development growth to meet demand for skilled workers in aerospace and aviation, and enhance goods and people movement, thereby positioning YVR at the centre of a multimodal hub for people and goods movement between communities throughout British Columbia (BC).  

“This partnership recognises the important role that YVR and BC’s aviation sector plays in the diversification of the provincial economy including zero-carbon innovation, technology, international trade and investment, and skills training,” said Tamara Vrooman, president and CEO of Vancouver International Airport. “Together with the Government of British Columbia, we are advancing important work and creating value for all British Columbians by strengthening connections between businesses, communities and sustainable economic growth.”

To kick off this partnership with YVR, the Province of British Columbia is investing in three key projects that will support the broader aviation industry, giving $250,000 for a sustainable aviation fuel opportunities study, $375,000 to support the creation of a net-zero airports action plan, and $250,000 for a study to explore opportunities to enhance the movement of people and goods between YVR, Vancouver Island and beyond.

The MOU will also help enhance access to reliable, sustainable air services. This is vital to indigenous communities as it ensures access to critical health and emergency services, supports job creation, creates business and tourism opportunities, and maintains their connection to other parts of the province.


The initiative aims to create value for all British Columbians
The initiative aims to create value for all British Columbians Vancouver International Airport