Biometric-based travel solutions specialist Vision-Box has unveiled its “Free Flow” technology, which it describes as marking a milestone in the evolution of seamless travel experiences.

Showcased at Dubai Airshow, Free Flow replaces gated access with smart and wider corridors, deploying AI-based image processing and tracking technology. A risk-based passenger profiling platform will enable airlines, airports and border forces to configure their preferred workflow and passenger status in advance. This will move the time-consuming transactions away from the actual checkpoints. Vision-Box’s Mobile SDK, which was also showcased, will help reduce the risk of bottlenecks at the airport, with check-in, document checks and enrolments can be made before the journey on a passenger’s phone.

Vision-Box Free Flow

Use of the app will help ease the passenger experience at the airport

The underlying Seamless Journey Platform enables the separation of airline transactional processing with passenger identification. This combines further innovative technologies to optimise the workflow, such as smartphone biometric registration with consented data usage, dynamic customer status updates, mobile customer activation and notifications, soft-boarding and fast on-the-move biometric capture and identification.   

Vision-Box’s Seamless Journey Platform serves as a collaborative ecosystem between multiple stakeholders, orchestrating real-time data and events integration with biometric devices as well as integrating the traditional transactions and checks taking place at the physical touchpoints, such as Borders, CUSS and CUPPS.

Vision-Box Free Flow

Free Flow on display at Dubai Air Show

“Launching Free Flow shows again that we have listened to our customers in alignment with our vision. With the introduction of the technology, we are not just simplifying the travel experience; we are redefining it. Collaborating with forward-thinking partners and stakeholders shows that we can reshape the global travel landscape and set a new standard for the industry,” said Miguel Leitmann, CEO and founder of Vision-Box. 

Images: Vision-Box