Vinci Airports has finalised the financial arrangements for the acquisition of seven airports in Cape Verde.

The operator secured €60m in financing, maturing over 20 years, from three development banks: World Bank-IFC, Proparco (France) and DEG (Germany). This financing is certified under the Sustainability-Linked Financing (SLF) Framework.

To secure certification, it set two sustainability targets: one involving a progressive reduction in CO2 emissions, the other involving the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme. This is one of Vinci Airports' very first financing arrangements of this kind, and the first time IFC, Proparco and DEG have financed airports through a SLF.


Airport operation

Securing the financing was a major milestone for the airports in Cape Verde, and Vinci Airports has now taken over their operation. It will fund, operate, maintain, extend and modernise these airports over the next 40 years, alongside its Portuguese subsidiary (ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal), which will hold 30% of the concession company.

Cabo Verde welcomed 2.2 million passengers in 2022, approximately 80% of its 2019 total. Vinci Airports will open new routes by promoting the archipelago to tourists. The French operator will also roll out an environmental action plan including the development of renewable energy production at airports.


Employee development

Vinci Airports is taking over the 300-plus employees at the airports in Cabo Verde and will integrate them by means of its lifelong learning programmes, sharing operational best practices and fostering women's careers.

Nicolas Notebaert, CEO of Vinci Concessions and president of Vinci Airports, said: “We are proud of the confidence placed in us by the Cape Verdean government, which has entrusted Vinci Airports with the responsibility of supporting the country's growth in tourism while ensuring the environmental transformation of airports. We warmly welcome our new colleagues to the network and look forward to getting to work”.

Image: PedroMoitaACI