Vinci Airports has ratified the Buckingham Declaration and joined the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, an international partnership for the fight against species trafficking.

Although international wildlife trade, involving volumes of several hundred million plant and animal specimens each year, has been legally regulated by CITES since 1975, illegal wildlife trade is the fourth most lucrative transnational trade in the world and is growing at around 5-7% per year.

It is one of the major threats to biodiversity. Furthermore, crimes against terrestrial and marine living resources directly affect the economic, social and political development of the countries concerned. Vinci Airports network is committed to help blocking illegal wildlife trafficking routes around the world through the 11 commitments of United for Wildlife’s Buckingham Declaration, a landmark agreement committed to taking real steps to shut down the routes exploited by traffickers of the illegal wildlife trade moving their products.

The commitments include adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards the illegal wildlife trade, identifying and promoting reporting systems for collaborators, and supporting the development of mechanisms by the World Customs Organisation and national customs authorities to facilitate the detection and prevention of illegal trade in wildlife and wildlife products.

As a consequence of joining the taskforce, airports in the Vinci Airports network will have access to resources and participate in regional working groups to identify challenges specific to their region, traffic routes, and build capacity.

With more than 65 airports operating in 12 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, VINCI Airports is the largest airport network to join the taskforce.

Image: VINCI Airports