SITA is strengthening its airline, airport, and border solutions in partnership with travel identity company Zamna Technologies.

Zamna’s solution uses a decentralised blockchain based model to transform how passenger data, such as passport, visa, and health information, is verified and handled. The first deployment will be focused on 30+ airlines of AACO, the Arab Air Carriers’ Organization.

Instead of passengers presenting travel documents repeatedly at every touch point, each time they fly, Zamna’s ability to verify and securely persist such data will provide SITA customers with ongoing automation enhancements, supporting SITA’s vision of a completely digital travel experience.

Airlines and airports will benefit from a tested and verified technology for reduced processing times, and a reduction in the infrastructure needed to process passengers. Border agencies will experience fewer exception cases and fewer passengers requiring on-site processing as the border checks are completed pre-departure. Across the journey, the passenger will enjoy peace of mind that the data is being handled even more securely and that they have satisfied all regulatory requirements to travel. The solution also enhances security for SITA’s clients, whose data is managed in a safe, private, and decentralised manner.

Image: SITA/ Zamna Technologies