Data from intelligent air freight tracking specialist BlueBox Systems has been integrated into Siemens Digital Solutions’ AX4 logistics platform.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art programming interface of BlueBox Systems, AX4 users can now combine the new data with other valuable information, gaining a unique overview and the ability to track their air freight data even better.

Through the application programming interface (API) solution, both applications can communicate independently and exchange data in real time. Everybody involved in the supply chain has access to the latest and most accurate information – like ETA changes or delays, for example. The advanced API solution also ensures end-to-end data security. Only authorised parties can access and utilise the shared information, safeguarding sensitive cargo details and maintaining the integrity of the supply chain.

Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Systems, stressed the importance of real-time tracking offered by his company’s solutions, particularly for time- and temperature-critical cargo for industries with strict requirements, in particular pharmaceuticals. He said, “Air freight remains the fastest and most secure means of transporting valuable and critical goods globally. Customers now have everything in view, ensuring that their cargo arrives in optimal condition and on time.”

More than half a million customers around the globe use Siemens’ AX4 platform. “By partnering with BlueBox Systems, we're able to offer AX4 users greater visibility into their air freight supply chain,” said Volker Albrecht, CEO of Siemens Digital Logistics. “This transparency enables our customers to make better-informed decisions, streamline their processes, and ultimately save money.”

Image: BlueBox Systems