Passengers travelling to intercontinental destinations from Schiphol are learning about the airport of the future via a new installation

The Future Case brings together the past, present and future of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, at the same time providing information about moving towards sustainable aviation.

Located in Lounge 3, it features a touch-screen installation with screens designed to look like suitcases. The installation will enable passengers to find out what Schiphol and its partners are doing to make travel more sustainable, both now and in the future, whether travelling to the airport, in the terminal or in the air. Seats next to the installation feature an interactive game that allows passengers to design their own airport. 

Airport of the future 

The installation describes the journey to a net-zero carbon emissions and zero-waste airport by 2030 and climate-neutral aviation by 2050. It also explains the steps that are already being taken to advance sustainability at the airport. Passengers learn that the terminal runs on wind energy, for example, how the airport is already largely off the gas grid, how Schiphol recycles materials, and how the number of electric vehicles on the apron is increasing all the time.

Passengers are shown what action is being taken to make flying more sustainable, including investment in sustainable aviation fuels and innovations such as quieter and cleaner aircraft. The many different options that travellers have to reduce the environmental impact of their trip are also explained. 

“Travel brings people and cultures closer together. The unique connection to the world we live in also entails caring for it. We are aware that aviation has an impact on our living environment and the climate. That is why we will be travelling differently in the future, with innovations, such as quieter and cleaner aircraft, and with investments in sustainable fuels or electric and hydrogen propulsion.

“We want to make passengers aware of what is involved in making aviation more sustainable, and how they themselves can contribute by making conscious travel choices. This all comes together in The Future Case. It is our intention to underline the importance of this,” said Denise Pronk, who is responsible for sustainability at airport operator Royal Schiphol Group.

Image: Royal Schiphol Group