Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE) has completed a major replacement of exterior lighting across key areas of the airport.

The project, which began in 2022, is part of MKE’s ongoing commitment to lowering energy costs and reducing its environmental footprint.

After seeing the benefits of a few LED test lights, MKE recognised the need for a more widespread installation. The project expanded to include the installation of 575 new LED units throughout key areas of the airport campus, including aircraft gate areas, roadways, maintenance buildings and parking areas.

The airport will see a return on the investment in just a few years while realising a more than 50% reduction in lighting energy savings, it said. Not only are the environmental and cost savings impressive, MKE’s airline partners are already reaping the benefits.

“We’ve gotten great feedback from ground crews at American, Delta and Southwest who are benefiting from reduced glare and more uniform, whiter illumination while increasing visibility and safety,” said airport director Brian Dranzik. “This brighter, high-quality lighting combined with lower energy usage and maintenance costs make these lighting enhancements a win-win for MKE.”

Image: Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport