A new airside link between terminals is one of many updates designed to make the airport efficient, dependable and user-friendly.

When Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)’s Terminal 3 and Tom Bradley International Terminal connector recently opened, ticketed passengers and airport employees began enjoying unimpeded pedestrian access across LAX’s terminals post-security.

The new path of travel equals approximately 2 miles from Terminal 1 to Terminal 8, giving travellers easy access to connecting flights and everything from restaurants to pet relief stations. This is the first time in the airport’s almost century-long history that unrestricted terminal-to-terminal access has been available to users. The airside connectivity made possible through this recent modernisation at LAX will be bolstered further when the Automated People Mover and its corresponding pedestrian bridges open in 2024.

“While we modernise LAX, we are also advancing economic opportunities for the airport’s neighbours and the greater Southern California region,” said BOAC President Karim Webb. “The projects that now enable passengers to go between terminals post-security also provided jobs for over 7,000 local workers, equalling over half a billion dollars in wages for these individuals. The roughly 2-mile end-to-end connection from Terminal 1 to Terminal 8 will continue to foster career pathways for our local community by supporting the expansion of operations and concessions roles.”

“The positive impacts of LAX’s transformation are starting to materialise at the airport. With this latest milestone, passengers can journey from T1 to T8 post-security without the need for buses,” said Justin Erbacci, chief executive officer at operator Los Angeles World Airports. “This is just one vital update in a collection of many that are making travel at LAX efficient, dependable and user-friendly.”

Images: Los Angeles World Airports