April 15 will see Finavia begin the renovation of Helsinki Airport's Runway 3 and its taxiways in accordance with its maintenance plan 

The renovation will continue until June 12.

“The structures of the runway have to be first-class due to the enormous load it is subjected to. Regular renovations and inspections ensure safe and punctual air traffic,” said Finavia vice president Jani Elasmaa, who is responsible for Helsinki Airport’s apron and runway operations.

Elasmaa explained: “The repair work will begin with the closure of Runway 3 and the dismantling of the lights in the areas where repairs will be carried out. Then the earthworks and asphalting work will begin on the taxiways and parts of the runway. Finally, we will install lights and perform runway maintenance.”

During the renovation work, it will not be possible to land on Runway 3, which means that aircraft landing directions will be different from normal. Landings will be primarily made on runway 2 (15/33) from the northwest and runway 1 (22L) from the northeast.

Departing flights will primarily take off from Runway 1 to the southwest, using either the flight paths published for low-noise aircraft or directions provided by air traffic control. Departing flights will be directed in the same directions as usual when they depart from Runway 3. If necessary, low-noise jet aircraft can also use Runway 2 to take-off in the southerly direction, operator Finavia said.

“Helsinki Airport’s other two runways will be in use throughout the renovation and will ensure sufficient flight capacity. The renovation of Runway 3 is an important part of the lifecycle management of Helsinki Airport’s infrastructure, and we are taking all steps to complete the work by mid-June,” said Elasmaa.

Completed in 2002, Runway 3 is Helsinki’s newest
Completed in 2002, Runway 3 is Helsinki’s newest Finavia