On May 2, airports operator Finavia will begin a two-year, €8m renovation of Runway 2 at Finland’s Helsinki Airport

The renovation means that aircraft landing directions will differ from normal until mid-September. The renovation will not affect passenger traffic, Finavia said.

“The runway comes under enormous stress, and its structures must be first-class. Continuous inspections and regular renovations ensure safe and punctual air traffic,” said Finavia’s vice president Jani Elasmaa, who is responsible for Helsinki Airport’s apron and runway operations.

The renovation is a two-year project. The first phase, in summer 2023, will focus on resurfacing the northern end of Runway 2 (15/33), i.e. the transverse runway. Stormwater sewers and the electrical systems underneath the runway will be renovated at the same time.

In April, preparatory work will be carried out at the airport, and Runway 2 will not be used for landings between 7.00am and 5.00pm. From May to September, there will be fewer than usual landings from the direction of Nurmijärvi and more from the direction of northeast Vantaa and Kerava, which will also affect the direction of aircraft noise. Propeller aircraft will take off from Runway 2 in the direction of Tikkurila as usual, Finavia said.

The renovation of Runway 2 will not affect the smoothness of passenger traffic at Helsinki Airport. The airport’s two other runways will be in use throughout the renovation and will ensure sufficient flight capacity.

Work will continue in the summer of 2024, when Finavia will renovate the southern end of the runway and replace the navigation and air navigation equipment. Other parts of the runway have already been renovated.

“The renovation of Runway 2 is an important part of the lifecycle management of Helsinki Airport’s infrastructure. At the same time, we can implement the goals of our environmental work, because improving stormwater drainage also helps us in managing runway runoff water containing anti-skid agents,” Elasmaa said.

In March, Finavia built an underground wetland at Helsinki Airport, for the diversion of runway and apron stormwater. The first of its kind in the Nordic countries, it improves water quality and balances the flow of water to nature.

Image: Finavia