Dublin Airport has partnered with intelligent vouchering platform iCoupon to implement a series of promotions designed to incentivise airport travellers

The use of a singular platform throughout Dublin Airport will facilitate a first-of-its-kind unified ecosystem, fostering unprecedented connectivity and collaboration between airlines, retailers and the airport, the partners said. This new approach not only boosts ancillary income for the airlines but also helps to establish mutually beneficial relationships across the airport space.

During the inaugural campaign in December, travellers were sent a text message inviting them to share their details to receive a QR code, which could be redeemed for a complimentary coffee at selected airport retailers. The campaign saw 2,000 €5 vouchers issued and 342 redeemed between December 18 and January 4, representing a 20% redemption rate.

Richard Bye, CEO of iCoupon, said: “Dublin Airport has been a valued partner of iCoupon for many years, and all F&B retailers operating at the airport are already a part of our network. Recent advances in our intelligent vouchering platform allow airports to really make use of the network, enabling them to create, distribute, validate, and redeem vouchers for their passengers that can be specific to each individual airport store.

“This means that the retailers are also able to effectively manage the financial performance of individual stores, while also offering maximum flexibility to the airport and allowing it to offer promotions to every type of passenger.”

More than 300 passengers redeemed the vouchers 
More than 300 passengers redeemed the vouchers  Dublin Airport Authority