Digital vouchering platform iCoupon is making its North American debut, having secured a partnership with Air Canada.

A rapid rollout programme is planned, with the platform being implemented in more than 100 airports across the US and Canada over the coming months.

Air Canada’s primary requirement is to provide an efficient stress-free service to passengers in the event of delays, while also meeting regulatory obligations to ensure appropriate and timely compensation. iCoupon’s fully digital service eliminates any need for the physical distribution of paper, or the complex downloading of anything by the passenger as it activates what is already in the passengers’ hand – the boarding pass. Not only is this immediate and trouble free, it also enables airlines, airports and retailers to reduce wastage and lower their carbon footprint, the company said.

The new deal means that airport retailers, many of which already work with iCoupon, will now deploy iCoupon’s innovative solution in their stores, resulting in at least 28 airlines activating across North America immediately.

Richard Bye, CEO of iCoupon, said: “The partnership with Air Canada is a fantastic step and paves the way for our operations to expand into North America, offering the region its first truly end-to-end digital solution for disruption vouchering. There is a clear gap in the market for the hyper-convenient, stress-free, fully PCI-compliant solution we are offering to air travellers and we’re genuinely thrilled to be working with Air Canada.  

Image: iCoupon