Denver International Airport (DEN) is selling off its fleet equipment to state-wide airports.

In a move to foster sustainability within the aviation industry, Denver International Airport is helping neighbouring local airports in Colorado become more efficient by selling multiple pieces of fleet equipment at the Colorado Aeronautics Surplus Sale. By offering advanced equipment to local airports, DEN aims to lead a wider adoption of sustainable practices across the region, reducing the collective carbon footprint and promoting a more environmentally responsible approach to aviation operations.

“For over ten years, DEN’s fleet team have participated in the Colorado Aeronautics Surplus Sale,” DEN CEO Phil Washington said. “This partnership ensures our equipment and technologies can benefit Colorado’s local airports.”

Surrounding Colorado airports are able to buy the equipment, and the State picks up a large percentage of the cost for them, providing airports in the state with access to budget-friendly equipment they otherwise would not have funding for.

DEN’s fleet management section maintains more than 1,300 different vehicles and equipment ranging from large snow removal vehicles, Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicles, forklifts, cranes and light duty vehicles to smaller equipment such as concrete saws.

Recently, DEN’s fleet operations were recognised for sustainable management as the No. 3 fleet in North America by the National Association of Fleet Administration (NAFA). The annual ranking recognises peak-performing operations and honours enhanced practices positively impacting the environment and improvements within the fleet industry.

Image: Denver International Airport