Denver International Airport (DEN) is working with the Denver Police Department (DPD) to address auto and catalytic converter thefts within the airport’s parking areas.

DEN’s new strategy includes actions designed to enhance security measures and strengthen the airport’s collaboration with DPD, thus ensuring the safety and peace of mind of travellers, visitors and employees.

"Our commitment to the safety and security of our passengers, staff and their belongings is unwavering,” DEN CEO Phil Washington said. “This multifaceted strategy is a testament to our dedication to providing a safe environment within our parking lots. Through collaboration with law enforcement agencies and innovative security measures, we are taking proactive steps to minimise auto thefts and damages."

From January 1 to July 31 this year, 378 vehicles were reported stolen from DEN parking lots, which cover 53 square miles and have space for 51,000 cars. While the size of the parking lots may provide opportunities for thieves, DEN and DPD are committed to reducing auto and catalytic converter thefts through a number of actions. These include an increase in security patrols and high-impact enforcement; the use of high-activity location observation (HALO) cameras; expanded camera coverage; stolen vehicle alerts; and additional barriers at key parking lot locations.

DEN is working closely with the Denver Police Department to combat auto crimes and promote vehicle theft prevention. Initiatives already rolled out include enforcement, utilising the Denver Police officers assigned to DEN and DPD’s Denver Auto Theft Team (DATT); DENVERTRACK, a programme enabling motorists to pre-authorise police access to their vehicles’ GPS for real-time tracking in the event of theft; free catalytic converter etching/protection kits; and free steering wheel lock distribution.

Image: Denver International Airport