The new parking option provides travellers with guaranteed parking, hassle-free entry and exit, and proximity to the terminal

With Premium Reserve Parking, travellers can now reserve their parking spot online only five minutes in advance, ensuring a stress-free start to their journey. By booking in advance, travellers can guarantee parking that is covered and close to the terminal.

“At DEN, we are constantly striving to improve the travel experience for our passengers,” DEN CEO Phil Washington said. “Premium Reserved Parking offers a seamless and efficient parking solution, allowing travellers to focus on their trip without the added stress of finding parking.”

For a daily rate of $50, Premium Reserve Parking designated parking spaces will be available on the Arrivals Level 4 in each garage, in the former valet areas. These prime locations ensure easy access to the terminal, minimising the time spent walking or waiting for shuttles, DEN said.

Entrance and exit to the Premium Reserve Parking lots will be controlled by licence plate readers (LPR). This technology ensures a smooth and efficient experience, as the reservation will be linked to the traveller’s licence plate. Upon arrival, the LPR system will recognise the license plate and grant access to the reserved parking space.

Travellers can reserve their Premium Reserve Parking spot up to 90 days in advance.

Entrance to the parking lots will be controlled by LPR
Entrance to the parking lots will be controlled by LPR Denver International Airport