Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) is set to build a state-of-the-art airport hub from scratch, promising a seamless and enjoyable passenger experience.

Drawing on the proven success of the world's leading airports, CPK is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of services from the outset of the journey.

This innovative greenfield project offers a significant advantage over established airports, as CPK has a unique opportunity to design and implement a cutting-edge airport interior layout that prioritises the passenger experience. Additionally, modern retail channels and technology will be seamlessly integrated, enhancing and supporting all operations. Overall, CPK's new airport hub promises to revolutionise air travel, providing a world-class gateway for travellers all over the globe.


An easier journey
Since the passenger’s journey begins much earlier than at the airport entrance, the CPK project aims to ensure great airport access, with a destination and an attractive transfer location, where all the transport modes meet, thus providing a multimodal passenger experience.

CPK intends to focus on providing the passengers with a pleasant ambience created by natural lighting, green spaces, services and amenities that focus on the unique needs of the traveller, as well as the human touch created by professional, hospitable staff.

Good wayfinding reduces passenger stress, and CPK intends to implement process-orientated building shapes and structures that promote natural wayfinding, minimise level and direction changes, and reduce walking distances. To support this, CPK plans to implement clear signage systems to improve wayfinding, with moving walkways and services to assist those passengers with health conditions or other impairments. 



Different needs
As different types of travellers have different needs, CPK aims to provide an infrastructure that addresses these issues, including dedicated security control lanes for PRM (passengers with reduced mobility) and families, children’s play areas and nursing stations, quiet zones, pet relief areas, workspaces, prayer rooms, and VIP services, along with business lounges.

As technology plays a vital role in the modern world, CPK considers it to be one of the crucial factors affecting the passenger journey. To support the positive passenger experience, CPK aims to introduce digital signs, biometric solutions, mobile applications, information kiosks, Wi-Fi infrastructure and smart shopping opportunities. The use of different kinds of systems should allow better queuing time optimisation, plus light and temperature control, to make the passenger journey through the airport as seamless and pleasant as possible.

Images: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny

CPK has a unique opportunity to design and implement a cutting-edge airport interior layout that prioritises the passenger experience