Operator Avinor will partner with Telia Norway to explore how 5G technologies can digitise and streamline airport operations, while making them more sustainable.

One of the projects will, among other things, trial the use of a 5G-controlled robot to streamline the operation of taxiways and runways. The partners will explore the use of a self-propelled robot equipped with cameras, sensors and, potentially, a movable arm at the airports at Sola and Alta. The robot’s main task will be to check the condition of landing lights along the airstrip, but it will also be used to detect and chase birds, detect and remove foreign objects that could damage planes, detect cracks in the asphalt and inspect fences.

“To achieve that, Avinor needs communication carriers,” said Ole Petter Røstad, project manager and business developer at Telia Norway. “During the pilot project, we will test how the management and transmission of data works over both the 5G network and Wi-Fi.

“The 5G collaboration with Avinor will give us insight into how 5G can be used for very specific and highly effective solutions at Norwegian airports. The technology is here now and it’s up to us to explore what we can use it for. We look forward to doing that together with Avinor.”

Through the collaboration, Telia will assist Avinor in building expertise on models that can be used to connect data systems, 5G functionality and properties, and in gaining general knowledge about 5G and private mobile networks. Together with Telia, Avinor will also identify and document how 5G can – as part of Avinor’s communication infrastructure – support the digitisation and automation of the company’s various operating processes.

“Telia presented very thorough plans for competence transfer to Avinor, which highlighted how both parties could benefit from the pilot projects and build competence within 5G,” said Jon H Thorshaug, head of Avinor IT Partner. “The team’s response, motivation, access to expertise and overall approach explains why we chose Telia as a partner for this 5G pilot project.“

Image: Avinor Group