Boingo launches next-gen 5G network at JWA

Boingo Wireless has deployed a high-speed 5G network that will support AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers at John Wayne Airport

Avinor chooses Telia for 5G pilot

Avinor and Telia Norway will explore how 5G technologies can digitise and streamline airport operations, while making them more sustainable

Changi launches 5G testbed

Airside 5G will enable new technologies to be deployed at the airport’s airside and drive innovation in airside operations

IATA welcomes telcos’ 5G mitigations agreement

IATA has welcomed the agreement by US telecoms providers to extend the voluntary mitigation measures for 5G C-band transmissions

Lab to life launches at Purdue

Ericsson, Saab and Purdue University are to develop a ‘lab to life’ 5G network at Purdue University Airport in Indiana

Edinburgh Airport set for 5G upgrade

The technology is expected to boost operations and improve connectivity, improving customer experience