Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has launched an upgraded version of its Port Community System (PCS), a single tech platform for information and data exchange

The deployment is the end result of four years’ collaborative development by Schiphol and its fully owned cargo information platform Cargonaut. Improvements to the PCS will deliver faster data processing, greater transparency and full compliance with the latest IATA standards and guidelines.

“Upgrading specific parts of the PCS makes the system more robust. This means we can continue to safely ensure the smooth import and export of a large amount of cargo,” said Joost van Doesburg, head of cargo, Schiphol.

According to Schiphol, careful development has meant that the PCS is fully future proofed, and capable of integrating with new tech as it evolves. Later this year, for example, the secure import system is scheduled for implementation. The system informs forwarders when an import shipment is ready for collection by an air cargo handler, at the same time cross referencing data to improve security. Work is also underway on the truck visited management system to significantly improve and streamline waiting times for cargo deliveries and collections.

“The upgraded system facilitates the use of new technologies, including API Connections (software), XML (data migration) and the OneRecord data model. This model enables air cargo partners within this digital ecosystem to exchange data easily and transparently,” said Marco van Katwijk, head of Cargonaut.

“We are currently carrying out a migration of the first clients to the updated PCS.”

Schiphol has been the sole owner of Cargonaut since November 1, 2020, and was a co-founder at its inception in 1986.

The improved PCS will deliver greater transparency
The improved PCS will deliver greater transparency Roger Cremers