Between 2024 and 2027, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is to invest €3bn in catching up on maintenance and upgrades, it has announced.

Important parts of the airport infrastructure – including Pier C, the baggage basement, climate-control systems, walkways, aircraft stands and taxiways – are due to undergo major maintenance or need renewing.

Schiphol runway maintenance

Runways are among the airport's maintenance priorities

“After too much of a focus on costs and growth for many years, we must now play catch-up in order to offer employees, travellers and airlines the necessary quality. Quantity took precedence over quality and that didn't do the assets at our airport any good. Things need to be done differently and investments need to be made in our location and facilities to align everything with our quality and sustainability ambitions,” said Ruud Sondag, CEO, Royal Schiphol Group.

“We are going to catch up on maintenance to improve, upgrade and make the airport more sustainable. This is necessary and in everybody's interest at the airport. Good working conditions, reliability, sustainability and safety are our starting points. It's a big task, with works at the heart of the airport and a continuous operation. Of course, we'll do everything we can to limit the risk of consequences for travellers and airlines, but some inconvenience cannot be ruled out,” he added.

€3bn will be invested between 2024 and 2027

Structural improvements

Work has already begun on renovating Lounge 1. The airport plans to solve bottlenecks by expanding parts of the lounge, adjusting walkways and expanding the range of services. The partial development of Lounge 2 is already underway. More than 200 walkways and lifts are being renewed over the coming years. Eighteen passenger bridges will be replaced. Pier A is due to be completed in Q2 2024 and preparations are being made for the renovation of Pier C. Large sections of the current baggage system are due to be replaced. This will take place once the new baggage basement has been built.


A better working environment 

Together with the handling companies, Schiphol is executing an action plan to reduce the physical workload of employees. There is now a lifting aid at half of the 385 work locations in the baggage halls. This number will be increased and every work location is set to have a lifting aid by April 2024. 

Over the coming years, 136 rest areas and 224 toilet blocks for employees are going to be renovated. Schiphol is taking measures to reduce the emissions of diesel and jet engines and to limit the exposure of employees to these emissions.

Schiphol aerial view

The airport will continue operating during the works

Sustainability and safety

Fossil fuel-powered vehicles are being phased out in the coming years and Schiphol is constructing a new high-voltage substation. The airport is increasingly choosing sustainable energy solutions and is taking itself off the gas grid.

To improve airside safety, the project to make Quebec a dual taxiway will be completed within the coming years, and necessary maintenance of asphalt and concrete on the airport grounds will increase, including renovation of aircraft stands and taxiways. 

Images: Royal Schiphol Group