Software platform developer AeroCloud Systems has merged with passenger processing firm Flight Solutions.

The merger of AeroCloud Systems, a 100% cloud native software platform, and Flight Solutions, which specialises in passenger processing (common-use), is designed to deliver a “comprehensive one-stop solution” in terms of airport data and passenger journey needs, the companies said.

George Richardson, co-founder and CEO of AeroCloud, said: “The market is ready for change. After the pandemic, airports need to cut their ties with legacy vendors as the software and hardware model has become outdated, unaffordable, and obsolete. To date no one provider has had the capacity, funds, or tenacity to compete on all fronts with our legacy competition, so the coming together of these game-changing products is going to change the way airports do things for the better.”

Richardson added: “The merger will enable us to provide a complete solution, so instead of offering half of a pie, we are offering it as a whole. We believe that airports deserve better, and by merging with Flight Solutions we are creating an innovative and progressive platform to achieve that.”

Flight Solutions CEO Paul Secker – who joins the AeroCloud Board as co-founder and global director of common-use – added that this merger will “create a ground-breaking platform for airport operatives”.

AeroCloud – which was established back in 2019 – helps operational leaders centralise all airport data, maximising gate capacity, predicting passenger, check-in, and baggage levels, automating tasks and so on, as well as providing “every stakeholder” at the airport with real-time information.