Aeroporti Di Roma has chosen a Softech system for the IOT monitoring and benchmarking of trolley collection areas at Fiumicino International Airport

Softech’s G-Smart GSE tracking system combines RFID, Bluetooth, ADS-B and GPS to create a solution tailored to each application. For the ADR project, the system will use RFID technology for the identification and counting of baggage trolleys at the storage stations (bays) in Terminals T1 and T3 of Fiumicino International Airport, with the aim of reducing operational inefficiencies. The technology will enable the operator to monitor a large number of assets simultaneously and create a simple but efficient system with a reduced need for maintenance.

Softech created an IoT infrastructure made up of readers, antennas, and more than 5,000 RFID tags applied directly to the trolleys (mounted to avoid signal interference due to ferrous material). The data is shown in real time on a georeferenced map while a special warning system sends alerts to operators if the number of trolleys in the bay reaches the minimum threshold set.

The web-based software will also allow users to view and export the history of trolley movements between areas (this indicator generates the right KPIs to analyse and improve benchmarking between storage areas) and to export statistics, graphs and reports to daily management and planning support.

Softech also plans to add a function that will enable G-Smart to estimate the number of trolleys needed in the bay based on the flow of arriving passengers and baggage by connecting the tracking system to the ADR management systems.

G-Smart uses RFID, Bluetooth, ADS-B and GPS
G-Smart uses RFID, Bluetooth, ADS-B and GPS Softech