Xovis will deliver its sensor-based passenger flow management system (PFMS) at the greenfield Noida International Airport in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, India

Managing passenger flow at airport terminals is a pressing issue for operators across Asia, where the number of travellers is forecast to grow significantly in the coming years.  

Noida International Airport is designed to be efficient, passenger-centric and capable of delivering memorable travel experiences for the growing number of travellers from Delhi NCR [National Capital Region] and Uttar Pradesh. Xovis will play an important role in managing passenger flow to ensure a seamless passenger experience at Noida International Airport,” said Noida International Airport CEO Christoph Schnellmann.  

Noida joins more than 110 other airports using objective, real-time data captured by Xovis sensors to reduce wait times, improve cost management, optimize staff allocation and maximise terminal performance.  

“Improving throughput and limiting queues in structured and unstructured areas is easier with KPIs that airport managers can use to make fast, fact-based decisions,” Florian Eggenschwiler, Xovis' chief product officer, said. “Incorporating the Xovis solution at multiple terminal touchpoints reflects Noida Airport’s commitment to enhancing the passenger experience.”  

More than 110 airports use the system
More than 110 airports use the system Xovis