A new widget on its website will make it easier for passengers to book flights, even to destinations not served by Sofia Airport.

The Bulgarian hub has partnered with travel-tech specialist Kiwi.com to offer its passengers near limitless air connections. Installing the Kiwi.com widget on the main page of Sofia Airport's website enables travellers to book flights from Sofia to anywhere in the world, even if there is no direct flight option from the airport. 

Passengers using the new functionality will be able to find multiple connection options by connecting low-cost and legacy carriers into one combined itinerary. For example, thanks to Kiwi.com's widget, travellers can search for flights to North or South America alongside the airport’s existing direct long-haul destinations. 

Dimitar Bikov, director of marketing and business development at Sofia Airport, said, “Sofia Airport’s flight network offers many options for travel to near and long-haul destinations. Kiwi.com combines these options to get you to your dream travel destination as quickly and economically as possible. This is what our Bulgarian passengers want – to travel the world without restrictions. Kiwi.com supports us in doing just that.”

Golan Shaked, chief commercial officer at Kiwi.com, added, “Kiwi.com's widget is powered by our innovative proprietary algorithm, running 2 billion price checks a day across 95% of global flight content and we’re delighted to give passengers flying from Sofia Airport the ability to find the best self-transfer routes.” 

Airports already using the Kiwi.com widget include Ostrava and Brno in the Czech Republic and Germany’s Hamburg and Cologne. According to the Czech company, 100 million searches are carried out every day on Kiwi.com’s website and an average of over 60,000 seats are sold daily.

Image: Sofia Airport