Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions and Spectrum Associates will collaborate on the development of an eVTOL infrastructure ecosystem

The partnership, outlined in a memorandum of understanding (MOU), will be a two-phase endeavour. The initial phase will see the establishment of seven vertiports in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The project will then expand to encompass a total of 13 vertiports, covering the entirety of the New England area.

“Partnering with an established aerospace engineering manufacturer such as Spectrum Associates will be the long pole in the tent for building infrastructure for vertiports and eVTOL charging in Advanced Air Mobility,” said Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions (VI&E Solutions) chief commercial officer Bob Johnson. “We look forward to complimenting their 75 years of manufacturing in the commercial and military aircraft sector and to tee up our collective experience for vertiport networks globally.”

Founded in 2021, VI&E offers three modular vertiport designs and charging stations for electric vehicles across all mediums: air, land and sea.

The project will focus on New England
The project will focus on New England Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions