Orchestra, the digital identity management platform from Vision-Box, has had its Privacy by Design certification renewed.

The re-certification is the result of an assessment by MSECB – the certification body for management systems – and the submission of a detailed assessment report following an audit by KPMG. Privacy by Design is a framework based on proactively embedding privacy into the design and operation of IT systems, networked infrastructure, and business practices.

A collaborative ecosystem of real-time data orchestration that can integrate biometric devices to third-party systems, Orchestra guarantees interoperability between travel stakeholders. The platform connects multiple stakeholders around the traveller journey to enhance security, customer experience, non-aeronautical revenue, and operational efficiency. It facilitates real-time traveller-centric information sharing and monitoring, enabling data-informed decision making.

Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitmann said: “Data protection and privacy are at the core of the design philosophy of our company and this certification is proof that our identity management platform can be securely and effectively harnessed with privacy embedded into its architecture.”