Building technology expert View has installed smart windows at Memphis International Airport as part of the Concourse B modernisation programme.

Memphis International Airport (MEM) is implementing a multi-phase capital improvement plan that includes the consolidation of airline and retail operations into Concourse B as well as higher ceilings, larger gate areas, and moving walkways. As part of the modernisation plan, View Smart Windows, which use artificial intelligence to optimise the amount of natural light entering the terminal while controlling heat and glare, will be installed throughout the concourse.

In a study on natural light and the airport experience, passengers who boarded at concourses with View Smart Windows reported a 68% higher satisfaction rate and rated the airport as 33% more modern, efficient, bright, and comfortable. Seats in gates with View windows were also 15° cooler than those with traditional windows, contributing to higher revenue for retailers and to significant energy cost savings due to lower cooling requirements, according to the company.

View Smart Windows have been installed at several major US airports, including Boston Logan, Dallas Fort-Worth, San Francisco, New York LaGuardia, Charlotte Douglas, Phoenix Sky-Harbor, and Seattle-Tacoma.