Veovo's next-generation cloud platform is being utilised by airports such as Amsterdam Schiphol, Dublin, London Gatwick, and Oslo.

The company says it brings a new level of scalability and insight to passenger flow management, helping operators improve travellers’ journeys.

For over a decade, Veovo's Passenger Predictability capabilities have been enabling the forecasting of passenger movement, providing actionable information to some of the world's largest airports.

With the next-generation platform, Veovo's clients now have greater choice, flexibility and support in how they use the company’s software, in addition to improvements in scalability, speed, and system performance.

Scalability is critical in passenger flow analytics as airports look to expand from only measuring queues and flow in pinch points to building an understanding of passenger behaviour from curbside to boarding. This per-flight movement data significantly aids a terminal digital twin, and is a key enabler for the new generation of AOP compliant solutions.

Veovo enables real-time, historical, and forecasts of passenger, baggage, and transfer movement measurement across the entire terminal on a single platform. This supports teams in making data-driven long-term plans to improve the passenger experience and allow proactive decisions on the day of operations.

The platform supports new Lidar technology, in addition to stereo cameras, WIFI/BLE and other passenger movement sensors and data sources. This approach ensures that the best available sensor, device, or combination of technologies can be used to support any physical space. This includes the platform's ability to accept and analyse data from already deployed stereo cameras or WIFI infrastructure removing the limitations of queue measurement only tools.

Veovo’s CEO James Williamson, commented "Veovo's next-generation cloud platform marked a significant milestone in our commitment to accelerating our customers' journey to intelligent, more automated airports." He added: "Operators urgently need to put more of their data to work to understand flows, predict events, and make smarter decisions to drive efficiencies and improve experiences. Passenger flow and forecasting tools, such as Veovo's, which combine live data, machine learning, simulation, and holistic decision support, are fast becoming the bedrock of the smarter airport of the future.”