Edinburgh Airport is streamlining airport operations with Veovo’s smart technology, rolling out the passenger flow specialist's Intelligent Airport Platform.

The technology roll-out will include Veovo’s Airport Operational Database (AODB), Resource Management System (RMS) and Revenue Management modules, enabling Edinburgh Airport to improve collaboration with aviation partners, optimise the use of its fixed assets and increase revenue opportunities.  

“The fast-paced nature of the airport environment and our business means we need a modern system that is as agile and efficient as our operation, which is exactly what Veovo’s system delivers”, said Denis McIlroy, Head of IT at Edinburgh Airport. “We’re a very data-driven airport, and the functionality of the Veovo system will complement our work to improve the information for passengers and airlines, as well as respond quickly to potential issues and make informed plans and decisions across our campus.”

Edinburgh and its partners will use the Veovo web-based platform for improved decision-making – replacing static operational plans with accurate situational awareness accessible from anywhere. With predictive insight, real-time data and "manage by exception" principles, staff can focus on what is most important for their role as events unfold, reducing delays. The system also helps the airport optimise the usage of gates, check-in counters and baggage carousels.

The new system will enable Edinburgh Airport to improve the speed and efficiency of its aeronautical billing processes. The airport will also be able to quickly roll out new route support schemes and link carrier charges to its sustainability, efficiency and commercial goals.

‘’We are delighted to be chosen by Edinburgh to replace their airport operational system,” said James Williamson, Veovo CEO. “Coupling the new flight management capabilities with our passenger flow solutions, also used by Edinburgh Airport, will put them firmly on the path towards total airport management. This integrated approach enables more holistic and proactive resource management – reducing delays, improving resilience and optimising performance.”

Image: Edinburgh Airport