Trials of the BCMS (Bird Concentration Monitoring System) are underway at the Test Vertiport UV-0 in Fiumicino, Rome


Vertiport UV-0 in Fiumicino

The BCMS, designed to combat bird strikes at airports, was installed at UV-0 following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between UrbanV and The Edge Company, an Italian deep tech company specialising in Artificial Intelligence (AI), neural networks, and deep learning. Their collaboration aims to provide cutting-edge technological solutions and services on a global scale.

The system has begun capturing images to map the local wildlife and address potential obstacles that may arise during air taxis’ flight phases. This initiative will enable UrbanV to monitor in real time any risks associated with bird strikes and uncooperative obstacles. According to the stakeholders, the monitoring process is automated and environmentally friendly, facilitated by Artificial Intelligence. Video data captured by cameras is processed by AI networks, automatically aggregating a vast amount of verifiable data.

UrbanV’s Test Vertiport UV-0 benefits from its strategic location within a designated “regulatory sandbox”, an experimental zone selected and approved by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC). This set-up facilitates the testing of complex interfaces between controlled airspace, similar to that of an international civil airport and the operational airspace essential for Urban Air Services (UAS).

“We are thrilled to join forces with The Edge Company, whose environmentally friendly BCMS technology solution promises to elevate safety standards at our vertiports. Together, we want to pioneer a ground-breaking and safe urban travel experience that prioritises not only infrastructure protection, but also the safety and satisfaction of our passengers,” said Carlo Tursi, CEO of UrbanV.

The BCMS has been adapted for the urban air mobility market, according to Fabio Masci, founder and CEO of The Edge Company.

“With our system, which has no electromagnetic emissions and can be safely installed even in residential areas, we ensure constant situational awareness. This added layer of safety benefits everyone: passengers and citizens alike,” he added.

Test Vertiport UV-0
Test Vertiport UV-0 UrbanV