Egis and Urban-Air Port have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop Urban-Air Port’s modular vertiport solutions.

The new partnership will focus on the patented, technology-driven Vertical Airfield that will become the game changer in scaling-up eVTOL operations and creating a global advanced air mobility network.

Egis and Urban-Air Port will pioneer vertiport solutions for the advanced air mobility sector by enabling a zero-emission mobility ecosystem that will cut congestion and air pollution from cargo and passenger transport utilising best-in-class design, technology and manufacturing. Their shared mission is to better connect cities and communities and pave the way for renewable energy-driven transportation networks. 

“We are very excited to join forces with Egis to deliver compact vertiport solutions that will become a global game changer,” said Andrea Wu, chief executive officer at Urban-Air Port. “Egis has extensive experience and a world-class reputation for designing and operating a wide array of transport infrastructure systems from highways to airports. Combined with our strategic vision to create sustainable, intermodal transport hubs enabled by Urban-Air Port’s technology, this partnership provides a powerful new alliance to deliver on the promise of advanced air mobility.”

Image: Urban-Air Port/ Egis