The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), in collaboration with the State of Georgia and Apple, has deployed new tech enabling local passengers to use digital ID at ATL.

A TSA credential authentication technology reader at Atlanta

Travellers enrolled in TSA PreCheck and using a designated checkpoint lane will be able to use their State of Georgia-issued mobile driver’s licence or ID card in Apple Wallet to verify their identity for airport security screening purposes at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Georgia joins the states of Maryland, Arizona and Colorado in offering this.

“We’re excited to be able to enable IDs in Apple Wallet for Georgia residents at select security checkpoints,” said Robert Spinden, TSA federal security director for the State of Georgia. “This new rollout enables passengers to safely and securely enter the security checkpoint area and offers a convenient travel experience for passengers — especially as their iPhones and Apple Watches can now act as both their IDs and boarding pass.”  

To present their ID in Apple Wallet, passengers will simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the TSA’s Credential Authentication Technology reader at the travel document checking podium. Passengers’ devices will then display what information is being requested, and only after authorising with Face ID or Touch ID is the requested information released from a device. The TSA officer will then verify the passenger’s identity and flight status for a secure, convenient and touchless identity verification experience.

With IDs in Apple Wallet, identification data is encrypted and transmitted digitally, eliminating the need for passengers to show or hand over their device to a TSA officer. All passengers, including those traveling through ATL with a Georgia driver’s license or state ID, must continue to carry and have readily available their physical driver’s license or identification card, or other acceptable ID listed on the TSA website. A physical ID may be required by the TSA officer.

Image: Transportation Security Administration