Italy’s Trieste International airport has begun a two-year trial of ADB SAFEGATE’s Airside 4.0 Wireless Cloud Solution

Formally known as Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trieste intends this initiative to revolutionise airside operations through full cloud deployment and seamless integration of airport assets via wireless connectivity.

The collaboration springs from Trieste Airport’s recent strategic acquisition and deployment of three advanced docking systems. Leveraging ADB SAFEGATE’s cloud-hosted AiPRON Manager, the airport now benefits from cutting-edge wireless connectivity solutions. These technological advancements pave the way for  multi-dimensional evaluation aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies, digitisation, and automation across the board, the partners said.

“This monumental step signifies our relentless pursuit of digital transformation and operational excellence. By adopting such innovative technologies, we aim not only to optimise our air operations management but also to collaborate with global partners to set new benchmarks in apron digitisation,” said  Marco Consalvo, CEO of Trieste International Airport.

According to the partners, this initiative signals the beginning of a range of collaborative efforts focused on technological advancements critical to the future of airport operations management. Sustainability, energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, and the enhancement of safe, seamless turnaround times are all on the horizon, they noted.

The trial will revolutionise airside operations
The trial will revolutionise airside operations ADB SAFEGATE