Priority Pass operator the Collinson Group has carried out a quantitative study of travellers’ spending trends at airports.

The survey gathered insights from 600 travellers from six airports across the United States and Canada – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), New York's John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Miami International Airport (MIA), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ).

Its results identified the services travellers are willing to pay for based on airport. Findings included:

  • Sleep pods – the majority agree rest is worth the price: 57% would pay for pods in MIA, 56% in DFW, and 48% in YVR
  • Security fast track – a separate line and quick screening process is a priority: 53% would pay in MIA, 50% in DFW, 51% in SFO, and 48% in YVR

While certain perks are favourites across locations, some regions and demographics express unique interests, for instance:

  • JFK travellers are prepared to pay for gaming zones (57% of males aged 35-44 years), beauty salons (56% of females aged 18-24), and airport assistance (58% of males aged 34-44)
  • Female travellers are willing to pay for spa services and relaxation: 56% in YYZ, 54% in SFO, and 53% in YVR
  • For business travellers, a working space to plug in and focus is worth paying for, according to 38% in SFO, 38% in MIA, and 36% in YVR

In all airports surveyed, Priority Pass (PP) members reported spending an average of 16% more on airport premises than non-Priority Pass members. According to the survey, PP members spend 23% more on books, magazines, and alcohol. They also spend 33% more on comfort items such as pillows, souvenirs, headphones, clothing, and other accessories, and are 16% more likely to dine in the terminal than non-PP members.

Image: Collinson Group