Warwickshire, UK-based Transoft Solutions has released an update of its AirTOP 4.0.1 airport and airspace simulation software.

AirTOP is a comprehensive suite of tools to model, simulate, and visualise airport and air traffic operations in real time. It enables users to study the implications of infrastructural or operational changes before investing in costly and time-consuming construction projects or altering procedures.

AirTOP 4.0.1 is now available with a minor update, including new and improved features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

According to Transoft Solutions, the AirTOP 4.0.1 update is compatible with Java 17, delivering improved performance and enhanced security. It also includes a new backup functionality, which enables users to auto-save the project, and other general improvements and enhancements.

AirTOP models have been used to improve the operations of more than 100 major airports worldwide, its developer said.

Image: Transoft Solutions