As a trusted, industry-owned IT partner and a carbon-neutral company, here at SITA, we work with airports worldwide to help them get a head start on lowering their operational emissions and supporting their journey to net-zero.

Combatting climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions relies heavily on technology, including technology still being developed. However, airports do not need to wait for some of the more ground-breaking technologies to start tackling their emissions. The technology we have today can deliver an immediate impact.

At SITA, we deploy a range of innovative digital solutions, which leverage data analytics using AI, machine learning, and big data, to increase efficiency and reduce fuel burn and emissions in airport operations. These include:

Innovative emissions calculation technology to measure the more complex and typically biggest part of airport emissions, known as Scope 3, to inform optimisation decisions

Airport management systems to support faster aircraft turnaround, limit taxi runway times, facilitate collaborative decision-making, and optimise resources

Passenger processing technology, like SITA Smart Path, that works with existing airport infrastructure, avoiding the expense of new infrastructure investment.

We are firmly committed to providing solutions and exploring new technologies to help our customers achieve their sustainability objectives for today and tomorrow.

Carlos Kaduoka is head of airport business strategy at SITA.

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