Veovo has announced a partnership with the Swedish airport operator Swedavia, introducing new environmental emission charges for airlines at its largest airports, Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter.

Veovo's Revenue Management software will underpin the operator's strategic focus on sustainability by automatically calculating charges, using industry emission data sets and Swedavia's innovative environmental charging approach. This enables Swedavia to incentivise airlines to switch to more efficient aircraft and accelerate the transition to more sustainable aviation.

Swedavia recently introduced the CO2 and NOx Emission Charges following a Swedish government requirement that airport charges should be differentiated for environmental purposes. The charge adjustments incentivise the use of more efficient aircraft by penalising those with higher emissions while rewarding cleaner aircraft – with an overall airport revenue-neutral effect.

Veovo's Revenue Management software allowed Swedavia to rapidly introduce these emission charges while providing full confidence in the accuracy of the billing process. Calculations are kept transparent to the airlines through easy-to-understand invoices.

James Williamson, CEO of Veovo, says, "The industry's drive towards increased sustainability and carbon neutrality requires a toolkit of innovative technologies and approaches, including charging that rewards cleaner aircraft. We are pleased that our aeronautical billing engine with complete charge flexibility will support Swedavia in their initiative."
Lena Wennberg, chief sustainable development officer at Swedavia, says: "Swedavia wants the travel of the future to be sustainable. For many years, we have actively worked towards a transition to more sustainable travel via our airports. By the end of 2020, Swedavia became completely fossil-free in our airport operations. Fossil-free renewable HVO-diesel is now being fuelled at our airports. Within the Swedish government's initiative Fossil-free Sweden, which we work within, there are also goals for domestic flights to be completely fossil-free by 2030. For international traffic, all planes taking off from Swedavia's airports must be fossil-free by 2045.”

Swedavia's climate transition work was recently honoured by the Airports Council International (ACI), awarding the operator the Eco-Innovation Airport of the Year in 2021.