Aerovolt will provide charging systems for drone, electric aircraft and eVTOL testing at Snowdonia Aerospace Centre in Wales

Formerly known as RAF Llanbedr, Snowdonia Aerospace Centre is the UK’s leading large scale-drone and soon-to-be eVTOL testing facility. It has chosen London-based Aerovolt (partnered with power management specialist Eaton) to provide multiple charging systems for aircraft development and future flight technologies.

At the beginning of March, Aerovolt will install its certified smart charging system. This uses the AS6968 protocol currently utilised by a number of certified and in-development aircraft worldwide. It will enable new electric aircraft systems, manned and unmanned, to use point-to-point flying and re-charging across the UK, significantly expanding the mission scope and operational ability of electric aircraft systems. Aerovolt is currently engaged with nearly 70 UK regional and medium-sized airports on smart charging installations for new electric aircraft, with a number already completed.

The installation will also feature the UK's first thermal runway detection system for airside charging facilities, featuring a bespoke wireless thermal monitoring and alarm system.

The centre is a former RAF base
The centre is a former RAF base Snowdonia Aerospace Centre